The Capone
Comprised of the finest Italian ingredients such as mozzarella, sautéed mushrooms and onions, roasted red peppers smothered in our in house marinara and finished with a creamy garlic aioli, this homage to Al Capone is derived from his Italian ancestry as well as his Italian mob ties.
The Escobar
With strong Hispanic influences in honor of the late great Pablo Escobar, this hamburger packs a fierce punch and is sure to have the leading competitors questioning their menu. Mild cheddar melted on top of our juicy beef patty with crushed seasoned tortilla chips and finished with a jalapeño ranch that will "take out" the competition. All we have to say to you is "vaya con dios."
The Lucas
This hamburger is comprised in a manner that epitomizes the most essential components of Frank Lucas and his drug trafficking career. Our juicy beef patty topped with bacon and smothered in our secret Blue Magic cheese based sauce that will have you feenin' for another one almost immediately!
The Dillinger
This ode to John Dillinger, well known as America's public enemy # 1 is packed with various flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. Dill Havarti and carmelized onions smothered in au jus and bacon on top of a juicy beef patty accompanied by chipotle mayo and the tommy gun of sauces, Gangster Goo aka spicy ketchup
The Don C
6oz patty, lettuce, tomato and your choice of sauces. Cheeses and additional toppings are extra.
The Eliot Ness
Where's the beef? This vegetarian sandwich plays homage to the secret agents, particularly Eliot Ness that went head to head with the gangsters. We've replaced the traditional patty with a portabello mushroom cap and topped with basil pesto sauce and marinara. Let's just say in comparison to other vegetarian options, its "Untouchable."
The Pretty Boy Floyd
The El Chapo
The Lucky Luciano